Getting started

Here's a simple 5-step process for how EZ Fundraising Dollars works.

1. Request an Information Packet about our service

We will be in touch with you to determine your needs and how we might best help you with your fundraiser. We will send to you a FREE Information Package for you to review with your volunteer group.

2. Share your Information Package with your organization

Once you share your Information Package with your group, and you've all decided to choose for your fundraising campaign, just call or email us and we will send you our FREE Sales Tool Kit

3. Pre-sell your customers!

Using the sales kit provided, you can start your fundraiser immediately and pre-sell the products. You don't pay until the orders are collected and you receive your product shipment!

4. Gather up the order forms, tally it all, and send it to us.

Once all your members turn in their order forms, simply total up your product sales, and send a master order to us via fax or email.  Your group will then receive a call from ouroffice once we ship your order to you. Orders then arrive right to your door. Payment may be sent once you are satisfied that everything is in order.

5. Distribute products to your volunteers

Your members can now deliver the products to their customers and not be concerned with collecting payment — that was done during the pre-selling stage!

EZ Fundraising Dollars will work with your group volunteers every step of the way! Keep in mind we have extended evening hours for every group.

Experience our top-notch service "start to finish" for yourself.